Miss British Beauty Curve Final – What a Night!

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Hey Lovelies,

So I can’t believe it but the Miss British Beauty Curve Final for 2016 is all done and over. It seems so surreal. For the past 9 months I spent so much time preparing and working for this and I which I could spend my whole life  on that stage. I have to tell you guys, there is nothing quite like it!

After getting the pictures from Monsignor Photographic, I had to share it with you along with the epic-ness that was the day and the women!

So the day stared bright and early at 10am where all the ladies met outside the Old Market Theatre in Brighton. There was an air of excitement and nerves all rolled into one but if I am honest I was completely fronting. I had never been so nervous. It was so much bigger than last year! bigger stage, more finalists and a whole lot more publicity.

But the most important thing was that there were some of the most amazing women I have ever met. This pageant never seizes to amaze me. I’ve competed 2 years now and both times I have met women I could easily call friends.

2016-07-30 11.25.52
Selfie Time! With Ms Newcastle Curve and Miss West London Curve

So after we all registered and got situated, we had to start rehearsing. There is so much to a pageant final it is unreal. Every round needs going though especially when there are so many women and then you have the Opening round dance number. That in itself is a mission impossible task. There are so many women on the stage in one go I just don’t know how Samantha (choreographer) does it all. But she does it, thinking quickly on her feet. She made the opening round routine give me chills.

Of course, I could not got to the final and not take pictures with my fellow finalists and now pageant sisters! I made sure that this time I took a good amount of selfies. That was until my selfie stick broke on me! WAAAHHHHHH!


The main event saw all of us shine on the stage. Every beautiful finalist owned there time on the stage and put their best foot forward. The ante was completely upped and I have to say I did not envy the judges at all.


2016-07-30 21.39.14-1
Evening wear with Miss Rhondda Cynon Taf Curve and Miss East Anglia Curve 

I was so proud of Emma Winsdale the newly crowned Miss British Beauty Curve 2016 and Kimberley Holke Ms British Beauty Curve 2016. I had the honour of meeting them at the final last year and I have to say. No one deserved this years titles than these two amazing queens. From the moment the day began they had an amazing presence. You could see the effort they put into the whole thing.

To be honest that goes for all the finalists. The rounds were filled with absolutely gorgeous costumes and outfits.

So how did I get on?

2016-08-01 17.00.24I came in as 1st runner up! yep that right, I was second place and I am so happy about it. I have to admit I was nervous the whole day as I saw how much effort that went in to the whole thing.

Miss British Beauty Curve will always have a special place in my heart purely because of the life changing effect it has on people. After 1st competing last year my confidence grew from near non existent to self assured. This year I went from self assured to completely confident. I got on that stage and there were no nerves, just pure excitement.

I recommend this pageant to every plus size woman, struggling to embrace their body. IF you would like to apply for this amazing opportunity just click this link http://www.missbritishbeautycurve.com/#!enter-miss-british-beauty-curve-2015/c24vq

Hope to see you next year xxx


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